History of the Ancestry Circle Genealogy Chart

James Thompson, one of the founders of Ancestry Circle, developed the 10-generation circular family genealogy chart way back in 1980. James was inspired by his uncle, an avid genealogist, to show his family's completed genealogy in a visual format that would easily show where genealogical research still needed to be done.

Originally, they were only available for family and close friends, but even that limited audience made it tough for James to keep up with demand. Everyone in the family had to have one! In 1983 James began creating the family genealogy wall charts on a computer as a replacement for the original blueprint versions. Despite charging $2.00 per hand-typed name, he couldn't keep up with the orders.

James and the team at Ancestry Circle now use a powerful and unique process that converts your GEDCOM files into beautiful 10-generation pedigree charts that you can share with the whole family.


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