Success Stories

As can be attested by hundreds of people already using the Ancestry Circle chart, we believe that our circular format is the most efficient method possible for displaying your family tree. The circular format clearly shows each generation and makes it easy to see where the holes are so you will know which line to work on next. Many people we've met have believed they had all the information to completely fill the 10-generation chart, but most are surprised to see how much work still needs to be done once they see their information in the circular format. In fact, to date we have yet to find anyone who has all the information to complete a 10-generation chart!

Corinne Smith has an 8-generation framed piece prominently displayed in her living room. Most visitors that come in notice it and spend a good deal of time discussing the chart and their own family history. Also, it has been a great way of teaching her children about their ancestors. They have stories from their family history that the children love to hear and she can easily show the ancestor on the chart and the children can see how they are related. She has found that it is a great way of passing on the stories and the virtues of past generations to her children.

In 2003, we met with a family history research specialist at the BYU Family History Library. Using his GEDCOM file, we created a chart showing his family tree. When we presented the chart to him, he called over his supervisor to see the chart and the information. Within about 10 seconds of viewing the chart they both gasped. The supervisor gasped because she was surprised to see that after working with the specialist for years she just found that they were related. The specialist gasped because he was shocked to see how many holes there were in his family tree. In fact, he was sure that the information we presented was not correct. After reviewing his records, he found that the information was indeed correct, but he never realized those holes existed until seeing his family history in the circular format!

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If I hadn't seen my genealogy in this format, I would never have known that I had this many names missing. This chart is beautiful and its a fantastic family history tool!
                     —Terry Bird

I have a framed version of my Ancestry Circle chart hanging in my living room. It's brought my family closer to our ancestors and visitors are fascinated by the design and the detail.
                     —Geri Munford

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